About Us

The Center for Corporate Diversity was founded in December 2003, by CCD Director Dr. Philos. Marit Hoel. The Center developed from the Management and Diversity Board in Norway.

The mission of the Center is to develop an understanding of the business case of diversity in management.

CCD undertakes studies of diversity and ethics in corporate leadership in Norway and in the Nordic countries and organizes Nordic and international conferences on the topics of diversity and ethics.

The 2004 Nordic 500 study established a reference for the Nordic countries, in line with similar listings used
to analyze the top corporations in other countries. The Nordic 500 was the only existing registration of board directors and executive management in the 500 largest Nordic companies.

The 2008 Nordic 500 diversity study was released in March 2009 at the National Library in Oslo. 
The study examined the progress of diversity in corporate leadership from 2004 up to December 2008, and included an examination of ethical guidelines and transparency in the 500 companies.

The 2011-2013 Nordic 500 study will focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation in the Nordic Countries. In October 2012 CCD organized the Nordic Responsible Innovation Conference in Oslo. The conference included Nordic and international speakers and provided new data from the Nordic 500 study. On November 6th 2013 CCD, with partners, will organize the Nordic Responsible Business Conference in the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

The CCD studies are supported by governmental institutions and major companies. 
This is the manner of partnership we create for the Nordic 500.

From 2003-2008 CCD was commissioned by the Ministry for Trade and Industry to monitor the progress of women on corporate boards in Norway, and published annual reports on the progress of women on boards.